happy birthday

This year at Alvey Elementary, one of our school-wide focus areas is wellness.  The Wellness Committee and staff have been discussing ways in which parents/guardians can have a positive effect on our children’s nutrition and eating habits while they are in school. While we appreciate your wish to recognize your child’s birthday by bringing treats to school, please be aware of the following guidelines. 


  • All birthday celebrations will take place on the last Friday of each month in the cafeteria during scheduled lunch times.  Treats may be sent in with your child on this day or dropped off in the office. 

  • Due to Covid concerns, all treats must be store bought. 


  • If your child has a food allergy with restrictions, please send in a treat for your child on the last Friday of each month so that he/she does not feel excluded from the celebration.   

  • Summer birthdays (June-August) can send in treats on the June date. 


    Birthday treats can be sent in on the following dates: 


September 24 

October 29 

November 19 

December 17 

January 21 

February 25 

March 25 

April 29 

May 27 

June 10 


Thank you for your help in supporting our wellness initiative!