dress code

Students shall be appropriately dressed for school as determined by the dress code which is developed cooperatively at the school by students, parents, and school staff. Student dress and overall appearance must meet basic standards of health, safety, cleanliness, and decency. Students are not permitted to wear or display items which represent drugs, alcohol or tobacco products, gang membership, or which promote violence. Students are not permitted to wear long trench coats or bulky, oversized coats within a school building. Dress/appearance/hygiene which disrupts or interferes with the orderly operation of the school will not be tolerated. If dress/appearance/hygiene violates school standards, the student may be required to remove the offensive item(s), change into something appropriate, or the principal/designee may send the student home to be properly prepared for school. Extreme or repeated violations may result in more severe corrective measures. The following items are considered improper dress. Principals have the right to include additional items as they deem necessary.

  • hats scarves, skull caps, headbands, visors or any other type of head covering unless related to one’s religious beliefs or practices
  • sunglasses
  • beachwear
  • sleeping apparel
  • undergarments worn as outer garments
  • sheer “see-through” garments
  • clothing with lewd, obscene, patently offensive, or sexually suggestive signs, slogans, pictures or messages
  • garments which expose the midriff
  • garments which are too revealing, expose undergarments, are excessively tight and form-fitting or which have very low necklines
  • jewelry or other items which could be regarded or used as a weapon (i.e. studded belts or collars, large rings, etc.)
  • tops with oversized arm openings, strapless tops, tube tops, tops with spaghetti straps, tank tops
  • bare feet, bedroom slippers, stocking/socks only
  • cleats (except while at athletic activities)
  • gloves
  • non-jewelry chains attached to clothing
  • gang-related clothing, jewelry, or paraphernalia